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***No Assembly Required***

Intense Vibecore

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Luca - Vocals
System 86 - Guitar
Klik - Bass
T-rod - Drums

    "You will respect my bleeding eyes", shouts front-man Luca Mele. Not just as No Assembly Required, but individually each member of the band NAR has gone through the past 5 years of their lives fighting and striving for success in a scene that didn't want to acknowledge their presence.

    The place: Toronto Ontario. The time: 1999. Vocalist Luca Mele and Guitarist System 86 were tired of their efforts going to waste. When the two realized they shared the same vision and musical passion, that is when the first steps were made to construct the machine. Luca and System prepared to start building what would be the machine that would represent all they wanted to express with their music. Drummer T-rod and Klik were found after lots of hard work searching for the right members.

    Years of self promotion, making flyers, posters, hitting up music stores, web sites, going to any shows in and around the city to spread the word of NAR, making people hear demo after demo the band would record, after putting on shows because no one would book them and so on; the band slowly started to build a following. Not only in Toronto, but south of the border, their live show and internet promotion was making people all over ask: "What is with these guys?". As their popularity started to increase more and more started to turn out to shows, everything seemed to finally fall into place.

    No Assembly Required were one of the last bands still together in their local scene that were still around from back when they started out. The band was doing what no one thought they could. After being rejected for shows and being told by promoters who didn't like them that they didn't think they could draw a crowd, No Assembly Required stuck to doing their own shows. The band headed into the studio to record a demo in March of 2002 and planned on doing one big come back hometown show after it was finished. The band finished the demo and started to show it around to people. In August of 2002 No Assembly Required put on their come back show after a 7 month hiatus, which drew over 600 fans. They were getting attention from everywhere, including the attention of one Max Illidge from 40 Below Summer; who agreed to work on and mix their new album.

    In March of 2003 No Assembly Required finished their 1st official album; "Constructing the Machine" which was released in May of 2003. The album is a tribute to what the band has spent 5 years working on. Piece by piece, step by step, NAR constructed the machine known as No Assembly Required. "Constructing the Machine" showed where the band was musically, and all they have accomplished after 5 years.

    The new album is the foundation; the first working piece of the machine. It is what will always be looked at as the beginning of NAR. With all of it complete, the band now describes itself as "Intense Vibecore". The said genre seems to be a very fitting description after a little explanation. "Intense Vibecore" is what we create. Our music is filled with emotion, passion, truthful and honest vibes. When you throw on our record, what ever thoughts, feelings, emotions that fill your mind at that moment when you hear our thoughts, our words, is what we are. Who are we to label things for people? Feel the vibe, feel what we create and judge for yourself", says Luca Mele. "We have elements of everything in our music. We have new school and old school metal influences in us, stuff from jazz, industrial, hardcore, and death metal to stuff like funk, alternative, and simple rock ‘n roll. So why bother putting us under a label? Intense Vibecore is whatever we are to the listener in their world."

    No Assembly Required is here to break the killer inside of you, to shove you to the ground, to show you their bleeding eyes, and fix the broken pieces of your malfunctioning world. "All your fears will soon be gone, you're breathing in your blood.”
Enjoy the ride.
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